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Pets at Rental Properties

Australia has one of the highest rates of household pet ownership in the world, with 62% of households having a pet.

It is little wonder then, that in a high rental state like Queensland that there’s a correspondingly high demand for pet-friendly accommodation.

Current legislation requires tenants to get written permission in their tenancy agreement to have a pet in their rental property and stipulates they are also responsible for any damage to the property caused by their pets.

What most tenants don't know is if you are at an existing property and have not previously been approved for a specific pet, you need to obtain this approval first before homing the pet at your rental property. Approval for one pet does not automatically mean acceptance of a replacement pet. Failure to do so can lead to a breach notice being issued.

If you currently rent a property through Explore Property Cairns and you would like to get a pet, please complete the Pet Application form.

Once this is completed your property manager will send the application to the landlord for approval. Once the approval is obtained from the owner, your property manager will contact you to make a time or forward you a pet application for signing, which includes the below terms and conditions:

N.B. It is the tenant's responsibility to ascertain if the boundary fencing is adequate for their proposed pets if it is not adequate it will be the liability of the tenant to ensure that their pet remains safe.

This agreement is entered into between the tenants and the Lessor of the property for the purpose of the tenants demonstrating their commitment to being both responsible tenants and pet owners.

1. The tenant agrees to abide by this agreement and will keep the pet(s) described in this Agreement in accordance with the pet guidelines.

2. Only the pets mentioned in this agreement are to be kept at the property at the discretion of the Lessor.

3. Pets are not permitted inside the property at any time.

4. Tenant(s)s are responsible for keeping all areas where pets are housed clean, safe and free of parasites. Owners must immediately pick up and dispose of all pet waste.

5. The tenant shall be liable for any damage or injury whatsoever caused by the pet(s) and shall pay the landlord or the management for any costs incurred as a result of damage or injury.

6. The tenant(s) are responsible to have a Pest Control (Flea & Tick) spray carried out internally & externally upon vacating the property and are to provide the agency (Explore Property) evidence that this has been completed.

Online Pet Application